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A survey of reporting on the not-so-new gig econony: What’s it like to survive on piece-work? Are there any political solutions? Is a new working class identity forming out of these shared experiences?

President Trump’s lasting legacy may be a dysfunctional state, as institutional neglect and incompetence threaten longterm health of the US federal government.

Pete Sinnott, Jr. explores the recent controversies around protest, the decades-long stereotyping of protesters, and democratic voice.

Kurtz reminds supporters of Bernie Sanders of the “invisible” history of American socialism through a series of post-War texts. His hope is to rehabilitate this forgotten history, and to give Bernie supporters a common heritage for future organizing.

From the emotional highs of the Gezi uprising, to the recent failed military coup, Çağlar Köseoğlu surveys recent articles about Turkey and Turkish democracy.

Sinnott explores the relationship between form, genre, and expression of ideas. He compares two examples of writing that exemplify the possibilities that emerge when we stop insisting dogmatically on genre conformity.

In our second installment, we explore two questions surrounding the presidential election: Where is Donald Trump’s support coming form? Is Donald Trump a fascist?

We inaugurate a new series with a discussion of two articles on the crisis in the Humanities.

Contrivers’ Review is an online journal of theory and criticism. Though our first issue self-reflexively questioned the value of “intellectual” work, one crucial aspect of our description has yet to undergo much scrutiny—namely, the adjectives “online” or “digital.”

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