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Jessica Lawless was an adjunct professor for nearly a decade and is now a union organizer. She is part of the team at SEIU Local 1021 that, over the last three years, won seven union elections and ratified five first contracts at colleges across the Bay Area. She is an artist and writer who regularly contributes to make/shift feminisms in motion, writes about emotional and material realities of living in economic precarity, and facilitates organizing workshops using feminist self-defense techniques. A union family through and through, Jessica is a rank and file member of CWA 9404 and her partner is a rank and file member of AFSCME 3299. Spending her down time herding their cats, Jessica attributes this avocation to building her smashing organizing skills. For more on her art, writing, and activism see

In a wide ranging interview, Jessica Lawless discusses her transition from adjunct professor to labor organizer, the labor movement in the era of Trump, and the difficult process of linking activism in higher education with a far-reaching movement for social justice.

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