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Çağlar Köseoğlu interviews political theorist Davide Panagia about his concept of #datapolitik, the evolving relationship between humans and their algorithms, and the possibilities of resistance.

Wesley Bishop describes the history of union and social-justice activism at Purdue University and the current fight for union representation for graduate students at Purdue.

In a wide ranging interview, Jessica Lawless discusses her transition from adjunct professor to labor organizer, the labor movement in the era of Trump, and the difficult process of linking activism in higher education with a far-reaching movement for social justice.

In his review of Cihan Tuğal’s The Fall of the Turkish Model Emre Erol examines how and why Turkey has transitioned from neoliberal democracy to authoritarianism.

How liberal politics reinforces racism in seven simple rules.

In his review of Jürgen Habermas’s Lure of Technocracy, Oisín Gilmore explores Habermas’s critique of neoliberalism in EU governance and argues that a democratic public sphere in Europe can only be established after the creation of actual democratic governance in the EU.

The party conventions in July staged for everyone to see that the Republican Party was not going into the 2016 election unified—what almost everyone missed was that a lack of unity would actually propel them to a win in November.

In a timely book, Jodi Dean’s Crowds and Party asks how to reform Leftist political organizations. In his review, Michael Kovanda highlights the importance of history and power in understanding the tradeoffs.

Martín Plot reflects on the way the 2016 US Presidential election has fundamentally altered how Americans experience and understand their political reality, especially the perception of our shared possibles futures.

In a discussion of Jacques Bidet’s Foucault with Marx, Jason Read evaluates Bidet’s rapproachment between Foucault and Marx, while making his own contribution to the topic.

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