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The centenary of the Russian Revolution was the chance to reevaluate its controversial legacy. Even on the Left, it remains inseparable from Stalinism: “a tragedy at best.” But there is a Russian Revolution worth saving in the experiences of the people that lived through it.

Alain Badiou is one of Europe’s most prolific, important, and controversial thinkers. But in America, he is less well known. In a short, critical introduction, Mark GE Kelly explains why we should care about Badiou and the heroic age of Western philosophy.

Çağlar Köseoğlu interviews political theorist Davide Panagia about his concept of #datapolitik, the evolving relationship between humans and their algorithms, and the possibilities of resistance.

A survey of reporting on the not-so-new gig econony: What’s it like to survive on piece-work? Are there any political solutions? Is a new working class identity forming out of these shared experiences?

President Trump’s lasting legacy may be a dysfunctional state, as institutional neglect and incompetence threaten longterm health of the US federal government.

Pete Sinnott, Jr. explores the recent controversies around protest, the decades-long stereotyping of protesters, and democratic voice.

Wesley Bishop describes the history of union and social-justice activism at Purdue University and the current fight for union representation for graduate students at Purdue.

In a wide ranging interview, Jessica Lawless discusses her transition from adjunct professor to labor organizer, the labor movement in the era of Trump, and the difficult process of linking activism in higher education with a far-reaching movement for social justice.

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